Pouch [noun]

Definition of Pouch:

soft container, often made of cloth or skin

Synonyms of Pouch:








Opposite/Antonyms of Pouch:


Sentence/Example of Pouch:

I have crowns in my pouch, my sweet, and I mean to spend them.

He took a long string from his pouch and fastened one end to an arrow.

Taking up the pouch, she handed it to him, and he clutched it with a strange eagerness.

And he thrust his hand into his pouch for money to pay his score.

Then he thrust his hand into his pouch and drew thence four golden angels.

I then searched his pouch and found all his ammunition gone.

He drew out a letter, not from among the other mail in his pouch, but from his pocket.

The opossum is famous for carrying its young in a pouch in front of the body.

I had a pouch of them in my jacket, and I cracked and ate them as I went.

Chase was at the counter checking off the packages as I put them in the pouch.