Pouf [noun]

Definition of Pouf:

thick bedcovering made of patches

Synonyms of Pouf:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pouf:


Sentence/Example of Pouf:

She snapped her fingers, and gave the Zerv equivalent of "pouf."

Her relatives joined the revolutionists, and pouf,—were blown out.

You throw your apron over your head so that you can't see, and pouf!

The Emperor has gone to Metzeh piff, pouf, boum, where is your Bismarck then!

Wherever she goes she is the cynosure of all eyes, and then—Pouf!

For that, of course, we would endure everything till we got it, and then—pouf!

But, pouf, there is little they can do against that stockade of logs for all their numbers.

You may do your worst, but I can gain the ear of the king, and then—pouf!

Marquise could fight, fight like a hundred devils; and—pouf!

They quarreled; the Spahi drew first; and then, pouf et passe!