Pounces [verb]

Definition of Pounces:

leap at; take by surprise

Synonyms of Pounces:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pounces:



Sentence/Example of Pounces:

The cat was about to pounce down on the eggs when the Pope laid hold of it.

The clerk dusted the document with pounce, and handed it to the Duke.

There was an ink-horn, a box of pounce, some quills, and a sheaf of paper there.

Then he thought it would be an easy thing to pounce upon Daikoku.

She had two dwarfs of sons; one was named Spy, and the other Pounce.

You are waiting in your lairs, ready to pounce on the unwary hunter.

These we will pounce upon and carry off, and at daybreak will appear with them before the walls.

We could not tell when the irate driver might not pounce down upon us with a customer.

Consequently Dyke was able to pounce upon the Kaffir, whom he seized by the waist-cloth.

But Walter came at last on the 7:50 train and there was Sara to pounce on him.