Pounding [verb]

Definition of Pounding:

crush; beat rhythmically

Synonyms of Pounding:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pounding:

Give up



Sentence/Example of Pounding:

My heart was pounding until in my own ears it sounded like an anvil chorus.

Adams paced furiously there, pounding his fist into his left palm as he strode.

He was shouting now, pounding the chair arm with complete loss of dignity.

Speakers I had not heard before were now shouting and pounding the bar with their fists.

And Ben said, 'No, thanky, not much fun in pounding a feather-bed.'

His heart was pounding until he believed that he must suffocate.

Now that they were undisturbed, all of them were pounding away.

Here these two men were, pounding on their bolts to pay court to her.

And all at once he exploded in a fit of anger, pounding the table with his fist.

In pounding, put to it a little of the baked gravy, if the meat is to be eaten soon; otherwise only a little butter just melted.