Poured [verb]

Definition of Poured:

be or make flowing

Synonyms of Poured:

Opposite/Antonyms of Poured:

Sentence/Example of Poured:

For fifteen years he poured his heart without stint into his work!

You've done nothing, when you know you poured out my last dose at twelve?

Harriet sat with her hands in her lap and listened while Tillie poured out her story.

Too much that Tillie poured out to her found an echo in her own breast.

She brought it obediently and poured it into his cupped hands.

If I had poured out the milk, I should have seen through the business, at once.

Volley after volley was poured into the dense mass, at deadly range.

His own contained still about a pint, and this he poured into one of hers.

He poured out some of the tea for her, "I suppose you take milk and sugar?"

He poured out his tea, and then began to spread butter on a piece of soda-farl.