Pouring [adjective]

Definition of Pouring:


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Sentence/Example of Pouring:

What could the little bird mean by pouring it forth at midnight?

The pouring of coffee may be done at the table or in the kitchen.

Give him that truck you've been pouring down me for the last week.

Repeat this every day; first pouring off the liquid of the day before.

Roast or bake it; pouring a glass of port wine into the gravy.

But Mirandy, pouring her batter into the pan, heeded him no more than was her wont.

"They always do," said Miss Desmond, pouring water into the basin.

The whole universe is pouring headlong to the happiness of the night.

She had been writing a long letter to Newbury, pouring out her soul to him.

And the blood of the common people was pouring out upon the earth.