Pout [noun]

Definition of Pout:

sad face

Synonyms of Pout:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pout:



Sentence/Example of Pout:

But he did not heed it, and the pout vanished, and tears rushed to her eyes.

But pout as she might, she could not prevail with James, whose vanity had been scratched.

In answer to this Mary pouted, but her husband did not see the pout.

His forehead was all puckered, and his red mouth set in a pout.

"I don't think I will dance," she said, pretending to pout a bit.

She pretended to pout, fidgeted in his arm, arched her neck.

Dotty did not understand the remark, but thought it safe to pout.

He flushes up too, and his thin-lipped, narrow mouth takes on a pout.

"I don't see what you're laughing at," she said, with a suspicion of a pout.

"You're not very polite," she said, with something like a pout.