Pouting [verb]

Definition of Pouting:

make a sad face; be sad

Synonyms of Pouting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pouting:

Sentence/Example of Pouting:

Giles has promised me none,” said Dennet, with a pouting lip, “nor Ambrose.

She had become the spoiled darling, pouting at him in half-pretended vexation.

"I 'm sure I wish for nothing better; but nobody minds me," said she, pouting.

"I suppose you boys will want to go off hunting," said May, pouting a little.

She challenged his flattery in her pouting self-depreciation.

Seeing her betters disagree, little Fly had taken her turn at pouting.

"But that is no answer to my question," said the Damsel, pouting.

"You've been gone a fortnight beyond the time," said the lady, pouting.

Her lips were red and pouting, and her teeth whiter than the lily.

The pouting appearance it then presents is very characteristic.