Powerhouse [adjective]

Definition of Powerhouse:

forceful, powerful

Synonyms of Powerhouse:

Opposite/Antonyms of Powerhouse:

Sentence/Example of Powerhouse:

"We have a powerhouse here," he said, flipping the paper across the table.

"They found him outside the powerhouse," said Derec bitterly.

When the cables were fastened, John shouted to Dick, who was waiting in the powerhouse.

An hour later Dick was back at the powerhouse in the big dome.

The powerhouse was a small squat structure in the middle of the dam.

You're a regular "powerhouse" of possibilities if you have enough gumption to utilize them.

A few hundred yards from the powerhouse, Jon Hall stood in the darkness, listening to the voices of his fellows.

He looked toward the bright lights of the powerhouse, considering whether he should return.

The whirr of flapping leathern bands and hum of dynamos from the powerhouse urged Stephen to be on.

For the moment I attributed the sudden failure of light to some accident at the powerhouse.