Powerless [adjective]

Definition of Powerless:

weak; unable

Synonyms of Powerless:

Opposite/Antonyms of Powerless:

Sentence/Example of Powerless:

The old woman echoed the cry; but there were none to hear it, and she was powerless to aid.

I took the knife from her powerless hand, and she fainted in my arms.

With all his powers of intellect, he was powerless, because he had no faith in virtue.

Within the circle of their light the poison of serpents and worms is powerless.

To my eyes the sun seemed dim, its beams were powerless to warm me.

Individual shippers are powerless as against strong corporations.

There is death there, death that even I am powerless to prevent.

"You give me advice I am powerless to act on," said Morgan, after some hesitation.

The shepherd knew there must be a catastrophe, but he was powerless to avert it.

I am powerless to help you, my child; you should not apply to me.