Powerlessness [noun]

Definition of Powerlessness:


Opposite/Antonyms of Powerlessness:

Sentence/Example of Powerlessness:

It was heart-breaking to her to realise her powerlessness, when he could so easily empty his purse.

All other goodness is but too often an idleness or powerlessness of will.

But the colonel's despondent look expressed his powerlessness.

"We've been, sir," said the Archdeacon, and then followed an explanation of the Bishop's powerlessness.

I never felt my powerlessness so much as I have since you come.

"If I could only do anything to help," cried Polly, oppressed with her own powerlessness.

But now he understands both—the void in his life, the powerlessness of his will.

Can there be freedom where there are powerlessness and restrictions?

The Baroness was aghast at her own defeat and her powerlessness to retrieve it.

It showed the powerlessness of chivalry before the strength of the people.