Pragmatism [noun]

Definition of Pragmatism:

arrogance, self-importance

Opposite/Antonyms of Pragmatism:

Sentence/Example of Pragmatism:

The extremes of mysticism and of pragmatism have their own expressions of worship.

It is perhaps as a matter of "taste" that pragmatism proves most unsatisfactory to it.

We hadn't talked a minute before he handed me "pragmatism" and "zing-slingers."

I am not concerned to question this so far as the origin of pragmatism is concerned.

We have seen in the last chapter that pragmatism is both a criticism and a theory.

It happens that Pragmatism is the least interesting volume to me.

In this sense ‘radical empiricism’ and pragmatism are closely allied.

Though he does not mention the word "pragmatism," his standards are purely pragmatist.

If pragmatism is not egocentric, it is at least anthropocentric.

What is true in Pragmatism is of the essence of Rationalism.