Pragmatist [noun]

Definition of Pragmatist:

person who noses around

Synonyms of Pragmatist:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pragmatist:


Sentence/Example of Pragmatist:

Hodder kept an open mind, but he became a pragmatist so far.

The pragmatist principle has an important bearing on religion.

It is in answering this question that the pragmatist criterion fails.

It was very satisfactory to discover definitely that he was not a Pragmatist.

I ought to have considered fairly the pragmatist's theory of truth.

And so far, as you already know, I agree with the pragmatist.

This is the pragmatist's view of the nature of all assertions and opinions.

The pragmatist tells a man to think what he must think and never mind the Absolute.

To begin with, when the pragmatist says 'indispensable,' it confounds this with 'sufficient.'

Intellectualist truth is then only pragmatist truth in posse.