Praised [adjective]

Definition of Praised:


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Sentence/Example of Praised:

"You are in splendid condition, Elfreda," praised Mrs. Gray.

Lamb and Coleridge, on the other hand, have praised "Lear" as a world's masterpiece.

He praised me greatly for all the care I had taken of his boy; and said, how finely you was come on!

Dissembling her displeasure, she praised the hammer-cloth, and especially the fringe.

Some persons will not be liberal, unless they can be praised.

I hear that he praised me, and my part in the conversation that passed between us.

They praised his eyes' alertness, the smoothness of his muscles.

They praised his manly beauty, his grace and strength of body.

She wanted to touch all their leaves, because, last night, he had praised them.

They were praised as archers; but they desired to be praised as poets.