Praiseworthy [adjective]

Definition of Praiseworthy:

deserving congratulations, adoration

Synonyms of Praiseworthy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Praiseworthy:

Sentence/Example of Praiseworthy:

This praiseworthy sentiment is often the cause of their ruin.

Is it only an ardent and, upon the whole, praiseworthy desire for information?

The only praiseworthy thing about this moral poem was that it soon got lost.

"Threw down their guns," he repeated, as though that were a praiseworthy action.

Now I am not of those who think it praiseworthy to be always at home.

But Mr. Mill's argument is full of force and praiseworthy patience.

But what are they all, if disconnected from a praiseworthy character?

She had taken a school of mackerel—that was what she had done that was praiseworthy.

She had taught him to get money; that it was shrewd and praiseworthy to overreach and deceive.

It's praiseworthy and commendable for a working girl to try to better herself.