Prances [verb]

Definition of Prances:

cavort; show off

Synonyms of Prances:

Opposite/Antonyms of Prances:


Sentence/Example of Prances:

Typhoon does not relish the delay, and prances back of the field.

Look, how he prances and shakes his mane and sniffs the air.

Thin he prances up to th' Spanish forts, an' hands thim a few oranges.

A horse is placed on something like a platform, and as he prances up and down, the machinery is set in play.

Sometimes a doggrel song is sung, while "Ball" prances about and snaps at the company.

Our Squire thus every way obliged, after his due Conges all made, bids them all Farewel till tomorrow, and so prances off.

Never stopped to ask any fool questions; but prances right out to the car, just as though she'd expected it to be there.

Say, without even stoppin' to size 'em up, he prances right in amongst 'em, free and careless.

So long as it prances about in your imagination, how splendid it is, how strong!

When attacking the stack with her horns she flings her tail in the air and prances as if she were trying a new tango step.