Prancing [verb]

Definition of Prancing:

cavort; show off

Synonyms of Prancing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Prancing:


Sentence/Example of Prancing:

They were then halfway to the ship, with Murgatroyd prancing on ahead.

He's a prancing beast, and so we mustn't startle him—not till I have located the stuff.

“Heap big Injun chief,” announced Bobby, prancing about in his suit.

Now the fame of Prue and her prancing was not long pent up in Carthage.

I'd have had you prancing to the tune of the wedding march before now.

"It won't do for me, either," grumbled the Sawhorse, prancing to the rear.

She saw Milt turn his little car as though it were a prancing bronco.

He ran round and round the fire, prancing and yelling like a wild man.

Why old Pigey is prancing around like a steed at a muster,—crazy!

Jimmie and Betty were prancing on the lawn in front of Turtle Lodge.