Prang [verb]

Definition of Prang:

detonate weapon

Synonyms of Prang:

Opposite/Antonyms of Prang:

Sentence/Example of Prang:

"Well, there's Prang's article," he said in his business voice.

Besides, there was an alluring glow about Mr. Prang's way of writing.

Amory was getting rather tired of hearing about that thing of Prang's.

"Well, about that thing of Prang's," said Mr. Strong when he could eat no more.

And he enumerated a variety of articles they had in hand, including Mr. Prang's.

When Prang touched this art in 1856 it was in its infancy in this country.

Perhaps, if it came to the next worst, he was prepared to accept the foisting of Prang upon him and to take his chance.

I asked Mr. Prang, rather scornfully, you know; and really I was sorry for the poor fellow, having to apologize for his country.

Edgar was talking in low tones to Cosimo, and Amory thought she heard the name of Mr. Prang.

Chromoed as a Christmas card by Prang, and photograph copies everywhere.