Prankish [adjective]

Definition of Prankish:


Opposite/Antonyms of Prankish:

Sentence/Example of Prankish:

The prankish action of the ghosts in cutting the pockets out of trousers.

Every child should know Mr. Cox's prankish, helpful Brownies.

That was all, but Peggy knew that it would serve its prankish purpose.

She chides them for their duplicity, then extols them for their prankish playfulness.

His limbs were stiff and sore; his face was drenched by the fine rain that had searched him out with prankish glee.

To mark this last ball of the year the young officers introduced some of the prankish features of their happy cadet days.

Incomplete as it may be: youthful and prankish as some of it is, the thought and manner of the time are imaged there.

This prankish mood of the crew was shown in their efforts to make Dinshaw uncomfortable.

The wind, with a prankish flurry, flapped the flying newspaper against the face of the skittish bay.

She was myself in miniature, and moreover the most witching, prankish, peppery elf that was ever made.