Pranks [noun]

Definition of Pranks:

practical joke; frivolity

Synonyms of Pranks:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pranks:

Sentence/Example of Pranks:

We lived near by, and were always together, and then I was as full of pranks as he was, I suppose.

Beyond school hours, he spent his time in all manner of pranks.

The Brother, too, when he was in these gay humours, would devise all kinds of pranks.

It used to be said I was a wild dog, a harem-scarem; and I was often caned for my pranks.

The ingenuity of these sons of Belial in their pranks was beyond description.

These and other pranks gave offence to the austere Mr Cromie.

Is the heritage not too magnificent, too sacred, to have pranks played with it?

Whether some of our pranks were suggested by those of which we heard, I do not remember.

He had his wish, however, for there had been a witness of his pranks who said a good word for him.

These are only a few of her pranks, but one was nearly her last.