Prat [noun]

Definition of Prat:

bottom, posterior of animal or human

Synonyms of Prat:

Opposite/Antonyms of Prat:


Sentence/Example of Prat:

That official was asleep but Prat insisted on having him wakened.

To justify this it was necessary that Prat should be convicted and punished.

How would he have laughed, had he been here, to hear it prat so simply!

Not only did they study the art of war, but they were catechised together by Mr. Prat, the duke's first tutor.

The high-handed arrest of Prat had fatally complicated the situation.

I spoke to Prat about this because he had carried the sack of beans with him on his mount.

A Parson and neighbour Prat interfere to convey them to jail for the disturbance, but are themselves badly mauled.

Prat's horse was the only animal that jumped it without either falling with its fore feet or hind feet into it.

That would make him reach Lima about the same time Prat and I would arrive.

Coming out of the house, Prat stumbled over something lying in the garden.