Pratique [noun]

Definition of Pratique:

good health

Synonyms of Pratique:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pratique:


Sentence/Example of Pratique:

He seemed satisfied, and gave us pratique without any demur.

Hand over your bill of health, that I may see whether you can have pratique.'

It is unnecessary to dwell on the forms of the pratique officers.

They couldn't get clearance—they couldn't even get pratique!

The harbour doctor had not even thought it worth while to mention the change of government when he gave me pratique.

The harbour doctor came off to us, was amused at our story, and again gave us pratique.

We were boarded by the health-officer just at dark, and admitted to pratique.

I have been so long accustomed to the fallacy of pratique reports, that I do not give entire credit to this.

Then finding that I had been well enough to come thus far alone, he gave me pratique without further ado.

It was the foul-bill of health, the signal of a moral quarantine, interminable and hopeless of pratique.