Prattled [noun, verb]

Definition of Prattled:

talk a lot

Synonyms of Prattled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Prattled:


Sentence/Example of Prattled:

He stood in thought whilst, unheeded by him, Arsenio prattled at his elbow.

She prattled gaily—then when no one was looking she slipped her hand into mine.

"There's a girl I know who is tremendously rich," Jean prattled on.

The leaves danced and prattled in the wind all round about us.

Roland raised his eyebrows, and said no more, but prattled on.

He prattled childishly, and his talon-like hands were pitifully palsied.

She was alone with no one to speak to, while they prattled on regardless if she were glad or sorry.

I could not take my eyes from the child's face, as she prattled and pattered along.

Was he started on that way, the night he had prattled so absurdly of his happiness to Stuart?

Of course, boys will be boys, prattled Mrs. Dan at his side, just in the least stridently.