Prattler [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Prattler:

I swear that, for a prattler, I deserve to be driven with cudgels from his service by my master!

But she could not explain this to Dot, and Dot was a prattler.

Mr. Prattler (before a portrait of Lady Hamilton by Romney).

She found the first a prattler, and could not perceive any merit in the second.

It was not up above, in the sunlight, that the Prattler spoke; it was here, in this night of the underworld.

Pratt′lebox, a prattler; Pratt′lement, prattle; Pratt′ler, one who prattles: a child.

Happily for Lillie she was not taciturn, but a prattler, and by nature a light-hearted one.

You must become a prattler also, my love, and say many things for me to Henriette—my poor little Henriette!

Was there ever such a prattler as the warm-hearted little brook that ran by the foot of the garden of Woodbine Cottage?