Prattling [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Prattling:

Prattling, shrill chirping, and ringing bursts of laughter could be heard.

At night time old Mother Chantemesse heard them prattling softly.

Polly was prattling like a parrot, but Glory was silent and almost sad.

He remembered her as a pretty, prattling thing of ten or eleven.

What is the use of prattling about Universal Brotherhood, if you do not live it?

Nor why I want to keep Mademoiselle Rose from prattling to him?

Mrs. Cassley was prattling on, but her voice was merely a haze of sound to him.

Chatting is the practise of adults, prattling that of children.

There she was, sitting up between them, prattling and laughing.

To a woman it indicates that she is foolish, prattling and idle.