Prayer [noun]

Definition of Prayer:

pleading, especially with a deity;

Synonyms of Prayer:

Opposite/Antonyms of Prayer:

Sentence/Example of Prayer:

"That contains the spirit of all prayer," said the old philosopher.

The prayer concluded, Mr Clayton coldly requested me to retire.

The hymn, the portion of Scripture, and the prayer of Brother Buster.

It must have been written for the occasion, for the sentiment of it was in accordance with the prayer.

It was caused by the fall of Dr. Benson In the pew while kneeling in prayer.

The result of her hours of thought and prayer was that she was bound to Professor Ellis.

Their sole experience of prayer was connected with the South End Mission.

Tillie, afraid of her rebellious spirit, went to prayer meeting.

How much must God give us in order to answer this prayer for daily bread?

The "ghosts of prayer plumes," which Moke-icha saw in the sky, is the Milky Way.