Preacher [noun]

Definition of Preacher:

person who gives religious instruction

Synonyms of Preacher:

Opposite/Antonyms of Preacher:


Sentence/Example of Preacher:

The preacher was trying to explain to us the eternal duration of God's punishment.

When it was finished, the preacher sat down beside the revivalist.

The preacher's voice rose until it sounded like a trumpet blast.

At last the hand of the preacher seemed to be pointed directly at him.

As he quoted the preacher he mechanically drew his revolver.

Yet this omission of the only important problem was not the fault of the preacher.

It is one of the penalties of Protestantism that the audiences, after a while, outgrow the preacher.

Who and what were the persons of whom the preacher gave this grotesque account?

And then the Vice-Chancellor, with the "pokers" and the preacher.

But the vision of the preacher in those who saw it is imperishable.