Preachment [noun]

Definition of Preachment:

speech of criticism

Synonyms of Preachment:

Opposite/Antonyms of Preachment:

Sentence/Example of Preachment:

I have a reason, a new one, for this preachment upon a text you have given me.

She has no preachment to offer and utters no rubbish on the subject of life and the problem.

He may talk as if there were an iron determinism, but his practice is better than his preachment.

Yet the book is no "preachment" from a self-assumed pulpit, it is a novel simply.

But class animosity in the political world is the preachment of the revolutionists.

For mine own part, methought his very countenance was a preachment.

To live with Muriel was a preachment, as I have often had occasion since to find.

Some he reached by his preachment of the principles of trade unionism.

In so doing, the practice has been the exact opposite of the preachment.

The preachment of the Eclectic is still more pompous and superior.