Preachy [adjective]

Definition of Preachy:


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Sentence/Example of Preachy:

Although they wore clerical garb they were not in the least "preachy."

Simply that they will not have her in these preachy domestic parts, that's all.

They do to-day—only we make a fuss about it and get preachy.

It is only upon the stage that she has been made artificial, prim, and preachy.

The Walls of Jericho being a long, preachy and rather foolish tirade against a game of cards, my apparent digression is necessary.

Viewed from the standpoint of one immune from the bridge germ, it is a dull and preachy succession of platitudes.

And Betty isnt so preachy as she was when we weeded dandelions on your lawn, commented Ruth.

Oh, you are so preachy, you are so good-natured, you believe all the prim things that grown people say!