Preamble [noun]

Definition of Preamble:

introductory statement; introduction

Synonyms of Preamble:

Opposite/Antonyms of Preamble:


Sentence/Example of Preamble:

As in the case of other laws, let us have a preamble, relating to all this class of crime.

The first four books are described by Plato himself as the preface or preamble.

Let this be the preamble of our laws; the strain will follow.

"This preamble does not promise well," said Lady Kilgoff, with a cold smile.

So he waited with a hope-lit serenity the preamble to the arrival of his—her—their child.

As a preamble La Signorina raised the inevitable veil to the rim of her hat.

Perhaps also there is very little use in making any preamble to what I have to tell.

You would not understand the preamble, so I will tell it in plain words.

Shouldn't wonder, as I'm afraid from your preamble it is nothing I care to hear.

"Yes, we will," exclaimed his auditors, their curiosity aroused by this preamble.