Precautions [noun]

Definition of Precautions:

carefulness; preventative measure

Synonyms of Precautions:

Opposite/Antonyms of Precautions:

Sentence/Example of Precautions:

Mention the precautions that should be observed in caring for milk.

What precautions should be observed in the storing of dried foods?

What precautions should be taken in the purchase of shell fish?

(a) What precautions should be taken in the making of a puff omelet?

It is due to these precautions that the loss of life was no larger.

This, after taking all precautions and posting sentries, we did.

I had taken no precautions, and she was in the house and upon the stairs in an instant.

All precautions must be taken against any mistake or error in the experiment named.

But these precautions don't prevent fraud and deceit of various kinds.

And that is why, if I were in your place, I should take my precautions.