Precedence [noun]

Definition of Precedence:

highest in rank; first in order

Synonyms of Precedence:

Opposite/Antonyms of Precedence:

Sentence/Example of Precedence:

But the old sleep must have the precedence of all the new things.

But it transpired that there was something preparatory to that, or at least that must take the precedence.

Meeting Casanova in the entry, he gave him precedence with mock politeness.

There is no other law of precedence, no other law of rank and position in God's kingdom.

Imogen had been unused to the distinctions of rank and precedence.

In this room all questions of rank and precedence are more or less waived.

I have always heard that in society the precedence is given to the ladies.

In this respect, European cattle-raisers have long taken the precedence of our own.

Then each one dips in his spoon in the order of precedence, and eats as much as he can.

Certainly, sir; you have the precedence, having arrived first.