Precipice [noun]

Definition of Precipice:

face or brink of a rock, mountain

Synonyms of Precipice:

Opposite/Antonyms of Precipice:


Sentence/Example of Precipice:

At present I am on the precipice; without your hand I fall forever.

Do you not look on the past with a shudder at the precipice on which you stood?

I—I feel like a dizzy creature standing at the edge of a precipice.

Only a slender column of dust was still eddying at the edge of the precipice.

The rebels were on the brink of a precipice, and extricated themselves.

At the edge of the precipice was a seat, and there she sat down.

The road below attracted her like the depths of a precipice.

And there is room, oh so much room, along the edge of the precipice.

All were blind, stone blind; all made straight for the precipice edge.

They had tried not to go over the precipice, but perhaps the fall was inevitable.