Precipitous [adjective]

Definition of Precipitous:

steep, falling sharply

Synonyms of Precipitous:

Opposite/Antonyms of Precipitous:






Sentence/Example of Precipitous:

Behind us rises a precipitous hill, tree-clad to the summit.

We followed the lower valleys up to their precipitous heads.

The latter were precipitous, especially on the side of the plain, and chiefly in forest.

The gorge is deep and exceedingly narrow, and the sides are precipitous.

The sides of the ravine were so precipitous that no man could scale them unaided.

For the first time, on that precipitous wall, he realized how tired he was.

Frequently they had to paddle a great distance along the precipitous banks before they could find any place where they could land.

“Yes,” said Dale, preparing to descend the precipitous piece.

The declivity marks the end of the precipitous gorge of the Niagara.

With hardly any control over our legs our descent was precipitous.