Preciseness [noun]

Definition of Preciseness:


Opposite/Antonyms of Preciseness:

Sentence/Example of Preciseness:

He spoke English with the preciseness of an educated foreigner.

But this preciseness did not extend to the younger Alexander's choice of subjects.

The most graceful principle of dress is neatness—the most vulgar is preciseness.

Summersby took his hand; it was dry and had a preciseness about its grip that irritated him.

He would be struck with the preciseness, the correct air of the man.

The room into which we entered was a wonder for preciseness and order.

This attention to your religious duties need not be attended by any preciseness or austerity of manner.

Towards the end of September the Duke committed himself with preciseness to the opinion that one years delay was necessary.

Critical studies of classic authors do not usually give any preciseness about the exact niche the subject fills.

At the same time it appears likely that at one time they were differentiated with a greater degree of preciseness.