Precision [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Precision:

The most obvious is to hit him smartly and with precision on the exact tip of the nose.

And he really said what there was to say with great clearness and precision.

Hence he moved with rapidity and precision, and was never taken by surprise.

When once a man has recourse to reason and precision, there is an end of love.

Jennie shook out the lace fringes of her parasol; and smoothed them with some precision.

Precision in representing this is neither desirable nor possible.

And they have been increasing in power and precision at an appreciable rate.

The two soldiers obeyed: they turned with precision and stared at Fandor.

His body was heavy, but moved with deadly smoothness and precision.

Upon its summit a sentry walked to and fro with the precision of a machine.