Precludes [verb]

Definition of Precludes:

inhibit; make impossible

Synonyms of Precludes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Precludes:

Sentence/Example of Precludes:

She was "diligent in business," but this did not preclude her being "fervent in spirit."

His surprise was so great as to preclude the sight of Dora herself.

The demand was of a nature to preclude the exercise of courtesy.

Fortunately the fact that she was a girl did not preclude thinking.

The shapes are so multifarious, as to preclude us from giving any specific directions.

"There are difficulties which may preclude any arrangement," said Kennyfeck, gravely.

I was led to the rear of the mud-house to preclude my witnessing the scene.

But such are exceptions only, and should not preclude attempts at improvement.

This seemed to preclude the idea of taking the other two stockades.

Nor is the book so remarkable as to preclude the possibility of Henry's authorship.