Precocity [noun]

Definition of Precocity:

ability to perceive, understand

Opposite/Antonyms of Precocity:

Sentence/Example of Precocity:

Precocity is sometimes a symptom of disease rather than of intellectual vigour.

Will you forgive me if I express amazement at your precocity, and congratulate you upon it?

We have already spoken of the abundance and precocity of wrinkles in born criminals.

Precocity is the privilege of the American, especially the native of New Orleans.

And there is something very sad and very fearful in this precocity.

The little girl's prettiness and precocity appealed to him strongly.

Sometimes this very individuality is mistaken for precocity.

He was a stern, unsmiling man, and hated all forms of precocity.

The precocity and universality of his genius impress one the most.

My response to that gave him the idea of making an experiment in precocity.