Predacious [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Predacious:

Indeed, its predacious habits unfit it for associating with its kind.

The principal obstacles to this are snow and predacious animals.

The sea-leopard, the only predacious member of the seal family, has an elongated agile body and a large head with massive jaws.

Thus was a graminivorous animal nurtured by a carnivorous and predacious one!

They cared very little about defending a state of things which their predacious instincts led them, on the contrary, to attack.

He began to introduce domesticated animals, and that meant a thinning of the ranks of predacious creatures.

The predacious instinct and the combative instinct weigh down and disfigure our economic development.

Let us yet further imagine that this predacious species is swifter than our animal, on which it preys.

Were predacious creatures the most important foes of the rabbit it would never have obtained a firm foothold in Australia.

Similarly throat disease among wood-pigeons does more towards keeping their numbers down than all the efforts of predacious birds.