Predates [verb]

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Cancellation is by no means sufficient to address the student debt crisis—which predates the pandemic—or reach all of the people the pandemic has hurt.

For one, his excursions predate the Age of Enlightenment for wildlife protection and conservation.

All were made in 2020, but some address concerns that far predate the pandemic.

The character herself, of course, predates that series by decades.

Although mail-in voting long predates the pandemic, the 2020 elections expanded access to it as Americans took advantage in vast numbers.

Some of them were born in clouds that predated the Milky Way.

The city’s attempts to improve police hiring and retention — arguably Faulconer’s biggest public safety achievement — predate his time as mayor.

Likewise, the infrastructure that helps spread these claims predates the 2020 election, as does the history of questioning whose votes should count in America.

Does a discovery or invention predate a change in scale, or is the new scale a result of it or of several related phenomena?