Predicaments [noun]

Definition of Predicaments:

difficult situation

Opposite/Antonyms of Predicaments:

Sentence/Example of Predicaments:

Mellinger was there, walking up and down, disturbed in his predicaments.

Widowhood for the young and beautiful is indeed the most pathetic of all predicaments!

For myself, I am projected to be an unseldom eater, and I have condolence for your predicaments.'

And, as he often says of his own predicaments—'What could I do?'

Predicaments of the worst kind are thought of and written on pieces of paper.

It was not your fault if those girls were not in all sorts of predicaments.'

He includes among such entities all Aristotle's 'predicaments' except the first: 'substance.'

She had often helped Johnny out of his predicaments, receiving in return plenty of kisses and sugar-plums.

Moreover, each of the four Predicables must fall under one or other of the ten Categories or Predicaments.

There are predicaments when the shrewd brute and cunning brigand has his superior at a disadvantage.