Predicated [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Predicated:

To some extent my friendship with these men was predicated on having a few drinks with them.

Therefore not-being cannot be predicated or expressed; for how can we say 'is,' 'are not,' without number?

Everything could be predicated of everything, or nothing of anything.

Similarly the differentiae are predicated of the species and of the individuals.

Moreover, the definition of the differentia may be predicated of that of which the differentia itself is predicated.

For all that is predicated of the predicate will be predicated also of the subject.

In the same way, 'animal' is also predicated of the individual man, but is not present in him.

The most distinctive mark of quantity is that equality and inequality are predicated of it.

Whiteness is predicated of one thing in a greater or less degree than of another.

What more can be predicated of cattle in the purest state of health?