Predict [verb]

Definition of Predict:

express an outcome in advance

Opposite/Antonyms of Predict:

Sentence/Example of Predict:

I ventured to predict that success awaited him in the rubber business.

The mind that grows could not predict the times, the means, the mode of that spontaneity.

What doom or what disaster did this storm typify and predict?

It is easy to predict that the day will come when there will be need of each of these manouvres.

So I forbore to predict what would be his ultimate form of beauty.

What other unexpected qualities the Yankees might show no one could predict.

Who so bold as to predict what, while he is yet speaking, may be contradicted?

What would he have thought of him who should predict such a future as this for him?

It enables us to predict where satellites will be abundant and where they will be absent.

They predict events with too much accuracy not to have a hand in their fulfilment.