Predicted [verb]

Definition of Predicted:

express an outcome in advance

Opposite/Antonyms of Predicted:

Sentence/Example of Predicted:

"Then prepare to be greeted with an icy blast," predicted Emma.

Williams and Lawson had, as Hardy predicted, been a source of great annoyance to George.

It was then that Sergeant Sapin met the death that he had predicted for himself.

As Bobby had predicted, Sidney Lorimer's funeral was a function.

Anti-Christ had been predicted for centuries, and latterly by the Second Adventists.

The experiment has been made and the predicted evils to flow from it have not followed.

None of the unpleasant results which were predicted have occurred.

Dire results have been predicted at every step of radical progress.

Then there may be a shower of rain when he has predicted fair weather.

"It has turned out just as I predicted, Mr. Calvert," said she, pettishly.