Predicting [verb]

Definition of Predicting:

express an outcome in advance

Opposite/Antonyms of Predicting:

Sentence/Example of Predicting:

Before this had happened twice, all the town was talking about it, and predicting evil.

I must say she seems better at reading the past than predicting the future.

You need no longer laugh at me for predicting your fate in San Francisco.

The other went on lecturing her, predicting they would end in the workhouse.

And yet this friend ended like the rest in predicting defeat.

Herodotus traces the custom of predicting future events to the ancient Egyptians, and seems to think the Greeks had it from them.

There were too many intangibles, and there was no way of predicting how it would turn out.

It forms the basis for decision making and predicting outcomes.

They all fixed it for that day fortnight, but it was done while they were predicting.

But she had warned him against this, predicting desolation and grief if he returned.