Predictions [noun]

Definition of Predictions:

declaration made in advance

Synonyms of Predictions:

Opposite/Antonyms of Predictions:

Sentence/Example of Predictions:

For the predictions of Lamachus had been fulfilled to the letter.

They have the gift of prophecy, and their predictions are always realised.

My ambition was excited to deserve his friendship, and to accomplish his predictions.

The act of a moment makes sardonic mockery of all our predictions.

Her other predictions had passed him by, but this one had smitten him.

I attempted to laugh off his predictions, but he was intractable.

When a train is an hour late, we have small opinion of the predictions of timetables.

Your predictions—all the verdicts of all the doctors—what do they matter to me?

On the whole, however, these predictions have hitherto been falsified.

It flashed on the minds of all that at last their predictions were verified.