Predisposes [verb]

Definition of Predisposes:

influence to believe something

Synonyms of Predisposes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Predisposes:

Sentence/Example of Predisposes:

Your attentions flatter her, and predispose her to capitulate.

Lemm's external appearance did not predispose one in his favour.

For this reason we believe that scurvy may predispose to frostbite.

And among women, it is only arid souls whom it does not predispose to love.

As a matter of fact, he will have so disturbed himself as to predispose to insomnia.

This arrangement seems to predispose to difficulties of nutrition.

There is nothing that will predispose him to sunstroke as much as spirits.

Why it is, in the Insecta, that islands should predispose to an apterous state more than continents, it is not easy to speculate.

Fertilizers rich in nitrogen may stimulate the late growth and predispose the tree to killing back.

The same causes also predispose plants as well as animals, to epidemic attacks of disease.