Predominance [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Predominance:

The Clergy have only one idea; that is, of course, the predominance of their Church.

They believe that their poverty, such as it is, is due to the predominance of England.

The predominance of power was with the Catholics, and was, of course, hostile to Elizabeth.

These impulses have secured the survival and the predominance of man.

A survey of this period at once reveals the predominance of fiction.

The Catuvellauni recovered the predominance which they had lost.

One would think that the causes which make for its predominance were obvious.

We are not told how the predominance of the Mes is shown in the form of the melody.

Its leaves are so netted and veined with yellow as to give this hue the predominance.

We should have said—and we do say, "predominance amongst the other powers."