Predominant [adjective]

Definition of Predominant:

ruling; most important

Opposite/Antonyms of Predominant:

Sentence/Example of Predominant:

Riches were, are, and always will be, his predominant passion.

Woman is the predominant partner in the sexual relationship.

Her predominant position in the Far East was absolutely assured.

His animal nature was predominant, and this led him to be deceitful.

It must be—really—yes, the vegetable element is predominant.

Before long the predominant odour suggested that of a wet dog.

But in the greatest periods of art naturalism is not predominant.

The language of the predominant nationality was to be employed, as well as Turkish.

The Chaldaei, however, claimed a predominant power for the stars.

While the influence of China is so predominant, she cannot accomplish much.