Preeminence [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Preeminence:

He it was whom God created first, let him take the preeminence.

Consider, then, the preeminence of the old world, that perished in the flood.

His preeminence in South Carolina during his life has not ceased with his death.

And so the King gat the preeminence, that he had his first electioun.

But this position was rather a preeminence of toil and peril than of dignity and honour.

Probably the Achans are because of preeminence, the Pelasgians because of antiquity.

Its only rival for preeminence on the coast is Port Simpson.

Now the preeminence of the Jews in point of domestic purity will hardly be disputed.

They were in a continued quarrel contesting the preeminence.

Nor are these advantages and this preeminence due to our merits and deserts.